New Horizons

It’s settled, then: the current mini-tour marks a turning point in Mr PJ’s career. “I’m going to sing arias that I love which I will then never sing again – like the famous ‘Scherza infida’. But that shouldn’t make anyone sad,” Mr PJ is quoted as saying. [x] We take note of the first, but obviously cannot easily commit to the second!
This circumstance makes the concerts at the TCE and at the Kursaal Donostia-San Sebastián “Last Chances to See” – and hear:

20th November 2021, Théâtre des Champs-Elysees, 20:00

22th November 2021, Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio Kursaal. 19:30

cordes sensibles featured

“Cordes sensibles” – The Académie Needs You!

Dear all, the Académie is looking for your support!

Donations will be used to fund the photography exhibition “Cordes sensible” at Boulogne-Billancourt documenting the incredible journey of the Académie. Any excess money goes directly to supporting their important work.

With your help, a new generation of the most deserving students will get a head start.

If it is at all possible for you, please consider donating: [x]

symphonie pour la vie plantu featured

“Symphonie pour la vie” (A Symphony for Life) – Stream and Preorder

“Solitary but solidary”

Today we’re in for a surprise treat! An illustrous team of artists joins forces for the “Symphonie pour la vie“, a charity album benefitting the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris – Hôpitaux de France.

You can stream the album already! The regular release is on 12th of June 2020. Here is where to stream and preorder! [x]

(Just a side note: You can easily order from Amazon France if you live in Germany for example, simply using your regular Amazon account.)

good friday featured

I am wishing you all a tranquil Good Friday!

For devout Catholics, Lent is a serious affair. Most people don’t fast for 40 days in a literal sense, but you are encouraged to kick bad habits, and even cut back on activities you enjoy for a while. Abstinence helps us to achieve greater clarity and to set priorities, sometimes painfully realizing what we were taking for granted and only notice once it’s gone.

So this year, we were all celebrating Lent together. We are forced to realize that life is precious, fragile, and fleeting, that health is a blessing and friends are important. Art is indispensable. It delves deep into our common history, tradition and our subconscious; it sublimates every emotion humans are capable of, and thus comes to our aid and comfort when words fail.

I am wishing you all a tranquil Good Friday!


schedules featured

Concert Schedules

Dear all, I’m stating the obvious when I say that we can’t tell for sure until when concerts will be cancelled. We’ll keep our schedules updated to the best of our knowledge.

Something personal: Please consider not seeking any re-reimbursement of your tickets. With your money, you will support future projects, and ensure that artists have festivals, productions and venues to return to when this is over.

Stay safe, everybody!

shanghai march featured

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall Cancels All Concerts For March

I have just been informed that, responsibly, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall decided to prologue its cancellations until end of March to prevent further spreading of COVID-19.

Among others, Mr Jaroussky’s concert on March 15 2020 is affected.

We’re very sorry for the Chinese fans and all the ones who intended to travel.

We will keep you informed should other changes to Mr Jaroussky’s schedule occur as soon as we’re made aware.

Here is the original press release: [x]

Hey Mr PJ featured 16-9

Jaroussky sings – and conducts!

Succeeding the pianist Sergei Babayan, Mr PJ is going to be “Curating Artist” at the Konzerthaus Dortmund for the 2020/21 season. Which means that in March, he is going to take over programming and concerts for a little while and is providing us with an unusual selection of events.

“Musically versatile” would be an understatement: There will be a masterclass, a moderated soirée, a classical recital, … An illustrious roster of artists is going to join him for a Nuit Française; there will be some solo concerts, and what seems to become his first conducting project.

Head over to the Konzerthaus Dortmund for tickets and more info!

Tickets are on sale already!

recording video

An Easy Way To Screen-Capture Transmissions

Sometimes – and more often than we would like – it’s impossible to get at the direct URL for a stream. That’s when desperate times call for desperate measures, and we need to just “film what’s on the screen.” So we need a screen-capture program!

The best free option for screen capturing I came across is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software.)

Screen-capturing is only one of many features this tool is great for. For simplicity, I’ll stick to this one in this post.


Official download site:

Select the appropriate OS from the list. The install file will land in your download folder.

First hurdle: During install, the program might complain it is missing files.

If that happens, it automatically redirects you to right site on, you check all options and click download.

Now you have to double-click on the components you just downloaded once to run them and install them. (Which takes about two seconds each.)

When you try to run the install file again, it should work without any more problems. If you run Windows 10, the program now appears in your list if you just start typing “OBS” into the little window on the bottom of your screen.

Settings and options


First of all, you can set the language. Go to File -> Settings and it’s right on top in “General.” You have to restart the program for the changes to apply.

When the program opens, it looks quite empty.

Just start from left to right and work your way through!


Here you give the scene a name. It won’t turn up as the file name, but you have to create one for the program to work. Click on the little “+” below “Scene” and add one.


Now it gets important. When you click on the “+” symbol there you see a lot of options. Feel free to play with the program there a little. You can record video sources directly, and capture games as well. Choose “Display Capture” for now.

When you do (you can always change the settings for “source” later by clicking the little wheel right below it), you see two options. One is the offset and size (default should be your full screen size, but it’s worth double-checking), and the other is for showing the cursor. If you do a tutorial, it might make sense to include the cursor, if not, leave the check-box empty.

Don’t panic if you see cascading windows on the display. It makes sense when you think about it – everything is fine!


Next is “Settings,” and now this is where it really gets relevant.

Go to “Output,” and select where your video files are supposed to go. Make sure you have enough disk-space on the partition you assign. I’m serious: If you record full-screen, the files will be huge. Also you might want to not choose your slowest hdd, if you have more than one.



Go to your Windows settings, and “Energy Options” in particular. Set “Turn off screen” and “Go to sleep” to “Never” – or your recording will black out after the time that is set there.

Back in OBS

Hit “Start Recording.” (“Start Streaming” would apply if you were the one broadcasting.)

The program records everything now that is showing on your display, together with the sound you hear on your PC. Choose the best quality for the stream you want to record, switch to full screen mode, and turn off everything that makes “pling” in the background, such as Facebook, screen alerts, and similar. The video you are recording needs to be in the foreground.

Remember, the screen capture will just record what you see. Which means, the OBS will be somewhere in the background, and you cannot see if it is recording or not.

Once you started recording, the text on the button changes to “Stop Recording.” Make a little test, and check the file that is going to appear in the location you assigned before under Settings -> Output.

Check double, check with music, check if the audio sounds okay if you choose a reasonable volume.

For Mac users

On Mac, everything is a little special. (Thanks for the great contribution!) To record audio properly, you might have to go to “System Preferences -> Sound Effects -> Output” and change it to “Soundflower (2ch)”:


Then do the same in OBS:

To listen your movie, you have to go to system preferences again and switch back to internal speakers.

Playing the file

A great free option to play almost any video file is VLC media player:

It also comes with a bunch of free codecs. (A codec is a certain way to encode a file, and read it. Without the right codec, your PC cannot play a video file.)

I hope the little post helped; best of luck with recording!