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“Cordes sensibles” – The Académie Needs You!

Dear all, the Académie is looking for your support!

Donations will be used to fund the photography exhibition “Cordes sensible” at Boulogne-Billancourt documenting the incredible journey of the Académie. Any excess money goes directly to supporting their important work.

With your help, a new generation of the most deserving students will get a head start.

If it is at all possible for you, please consider donating: [x]

Thank you so much in advance!

For details and the special perks for generous donors read on below the video!

From the official website:

This exhibition is also yours, help us make this event a highlight of the 2020-2021 season!

By donating 20 €, you finance the purchase of sheet music; with a donation of 40 €, the purchase of a bow; with a donation of 350 €, the purchase of a violin; 550 €, the purchase of a piano; 1200 €, the purchase of a cello.

For any donation over 150 € (i.e. 51 € after tax deduction) you will receive a photo of the exhibition *

Any donation over 300 € (i.e. 120 € after tax deduction) entitles you to a photo of the exhibition autographed by Philippe Jaroussky * as well as access to a cocktail at the vernissage.

A big thank you to you!

*In the limit of the available stock. Photos to be collected at La Seine Musicale from 11/16/2020. PVC prints 60×40 cm or 60×90 cm

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