Philippe Jaroussky sings at the inauguration of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

It’s hard to say for whom it was the greater honour: for Philippe Jaroussky to be the very first singer ever at the Elbphilharmonie, or for Hamburg, and, on a larger scale, Germany, to have secured a musician of indisputable world class to open the new venue. After a stony trail of mismanagement and miscalculations concerning […]

Saariaho’s “Only The Sound Remains” premieres at the Dutch National Opera

It’s only two days now – time to get excited! – and “Only The Sound Remains” is going to premiere at De Nationale Opera (the Dutch National Opera) in Amsterdam. For the ones who’d like to get familiar with the project, I put together some useful links and information for further reading, just to have […]

Attacks in Paris – Live news links

We’re shocked, in fact, absolutely horrified by the news reaching us from France. This evening of horrors is far from over yet. As of now, there are still people being held hostage. French and German media as well as sources on Twitter report that the terrorists of unknown motivation have started to systematically execute people at the […]

Partenope – Track list

Partenope is here! So if you’re importing the tracks from CD, and – like myself – aren’t patient enough to wait for the Gracenote database to catch up – here’s the track list, for your leisure, so you can copy paste the track names at least. (Typing track names by hand is a bugger.) If […]

Händel’s “Theodora” live on tour, and for the stay-at-homes

We’ve been spoiled of late – Les Arts Florissants, the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, even the Master himself have been keeping us updated during the rehearsals at the TCE!  Now things are getting serious: Theodora premieres tomorrow. (Toi toi toi to all the participants!) The lucky Parisians will have multiple chances to grab a ticket before the production will be taken […]

“Theodora” at the TCE – The Master is blogging! – Schedule

For all the pieces written in his praise, authentic words from Philippe Jaroussky are somewhat hard to get by, so be sure to catch His Master’s Updates on the Théatre des Champs Elysée’s blog! [x] As much as I love updates about red high-heels, let’s get serious for a moment: This is a production that’s not to be […]