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Händel’s “Theodora” live on tour, and for the stay-at-homes

We’ve been spoiled of late – Les Arts Florissants, the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, even the Master himself have been keeping us updated during the rehearsals at the TCE!  Now things are getting serious: Theodora premieres tomorrow. (Toi toi toi to all the participants!) The lucky Parisians will have multiple chances to grab a ticket before the production will be taken to Amsterdam and New York. (The productions abroad will be concertante most likely, meaning, without Stephen Langridge’s set.) Head over to our Concert Dates section for the venue and ticket links. [x] theodora schedule

For the ones who cannot make it to a live performance: Don’t despair! There will be a livestream on ARTE Concert, on October 16th, 19:30 Paris time! [x] (I am confident that it will be on replay afterwards.)

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If we counted correctly, it’s seven times that Mr. PJ has to die a heroic death on stage. I have to confess I can’t handle this very well, not even once. In case you feel the same and need a supportive community to help you through the experience, join us on Facebook for the livestream: [x]

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Finally, this is to the people over at ARTE:

bless you


Katherine Watson – Theodora
Stéphanie d’Oustrac – Irene
Philippe Jaroussky – Dydimus
Callum Thorpe – Valens
Kresimir Spicer – Septimius

Conductor: William Christie
Choir and Orchestra: Les Arts Florissants
Choregraphy: Philippe Giraudeau
Stage Director: Stephen Langridge

More info over at the TCE: [x]



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“Theodora” at the TCE – The Master is blogging! – Schedule

For all the pieces written in his praise, authentic words from Philippe Jaroussky are somewhat hard to get by, so be sure to catch His Master’s Updates on the Théatre des Champs Elysée’s blog! [x]

As much as I love updates about red high-heels, let’s get serious for a moment: This is a production that’s not to be missed. William Christie and Les Arts Florissants don’t need much of an introduction; as far as Baroque is concerned, they’re one of the benchmarks other ensembles and conductors have to measure themselves against. To see more of the work of Stephen Langridge who’s setting the production in scene, let me point you to his website: [x].

After Paris, the production will be taken on an international tour (we don’t know for sure yet if scenic, half-scenic or concertante). Check the tour dates to see if there is a performance within your reach: [x]
Theodora by Georg Friedrich Händel is classified as a “dramatic oratorio”; it is meant from the start to be staged, unlike The Messiah, for instance. Theodora and Didymus are Christian martyrs, pursued for their faith. The plot is illustrating what living their faith means to them; we witness them staying true to their principles like selflessness and truthfulness, willing to pay the Ultimate Sacrifice in the end.

The piece merges elements of oratorios (like the extensive choir-pieces) and the spiritual topic with dramatic elements like a concise dramatic plot, featuring components that never grew out of fashion. There’s a lot of bromance going on between Didymus – a Roman soldier converted to Christianity – and his brother-in-arms, Septimius, and a variety of a prison setting where Didymus switches clothes with his Christian love Theodora to sacrifice his own freedom for that of Theodora’s.

To give you an idea of the sublime music, here’s the immortal Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson with “As with rosy steps the morn,” Irene’s aria.





First rehearsals of Theodora at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées​!

Georg Friedrich Handel
Oratorio in three acts

William Christie musical direction
Stephen Langridge staging

Katherine Watson – Theodora
Stéphanie d’Oustrac – Irène
Philippe Jaroussky – Dydime
Kresimir Spicer – Septime
Callum Thorpe – Valens

Orchestre et Chœur Les Arts Florissants

Read more/Tickets: [x]



“Partenope” will be in stores by November 2015!

“… handsome and dashing Prince Arsace of Corinth, …”Wikipedia says so, means it must be true!

Pre-orders are up already on German Amazon: [x]


Opera by Georg Friedrich Händel

Philippe Jaroussky, Arsace
Karina Gauvin, Partenope
John Mark Ainsley, Emilio
Emöke Barath, Armindo
Romina Basso, Rosmira
Luca Tittoto, Ormonte

Il Pomo d’Oro
Riccardo Minasi, dir

Image source/credits: Il Pomo d’Oro’s Twitter [x]