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Partenope Premiere Cast Change – Personal

It’s not a good year so far.  Anyone in the mailing list of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées has probably heard the news already. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to Philippe Jaroussky, who has lost his father.

Tomorrow’s staging of “Partenope” is going to take place; American countertenor Lawrence Zazzo is going to stand in.

Cher Public,
Madame, Monsieur,

C’est avec une grande tristesse que nous venons d’apprendre le décès du père de Philippe Jaroussky.

Philippe Jaroussky ne pourra vous retrouver demain soir pour interpréter le rôle d’Arsace dans Partenope. Le contre-ténor Lawrence Zazzo a accepté de le remplacer.

Toutes nos pensées vont à Philippe Jaroussky. Nous vous remercions de votre entière et sincère compréhension.

Le Théâtre des Champs-Elysées et ses équipes.

Toi toi toi to Mr. Zazzo and all of the cast and crew.

Next performances: [x]


2015-11-06 track list partenope featured

Partenope – Track list

Partenope is here! So if you’re importing the tracks from CD, and – like myself – aren’t patient enough to wait for the Gracenote database to catch up – here’s the track list, for your leisure, so you can copy paste the track names at least. (Typing track names by hand is a bugger.)

If you find a typo, you can tell us on our Facebook page: [x]

To further enhance the listening pleasure (depending on what’s your thing), here’s … :

  • the libretto on handel.it (I am really jealous of that URL): [x]
  • the score on IMSLP: [x]

If you haven’t bought your copy yet – what’s keeping you; just look at these cuties! Here’s a trailer about the production, featuring some interviews: [x]

2015-11-06 partenope trailer pic

Finally, don’t forget to check the tour dates section to see if Partenope might be performed somewhere within your reach! [x]


Georg Friedrich Händel, Partenope


Partenope – Karina Gauvin

Arsace – Philippe Jaroussky

Armindo – Emöke Baráth

Emilio – John Mark Ainsley

Rosmira – Teresa Iervolino

Ormonte – Luca Tittoto


Riccardo Minasi, Il Pomo d’Oro

2015 Erato



01 Ouverture I

02 Ouverture II Allegro

03 Ouverture III Presto

04 ATTO I – Recitativo – Tu dell’eccelse mura – Partenope

05 Coro – Viva, viva, Partenope viva – Coro

06 Recitativo – Miei fidi, arride il cielo – Partenope

07 Recitativo – Arsace, Armindo – Armindo, Arsace, Partenope, Rosmira

08 Recitativo – Regina, il folte schiere – Ormonte, Arsace, Armindo, Partenope, Rosmira

09 Aria – L’amor ed il destin – Partenope

10 Arie – O Eurimene ha l’idea di Rosmira – Arsace

11 Recitativo – Cavalier, se gli dei – Rosmira, Armindo

12 Aria – Se non ti sai spiegar – Rosmira

13 Recitativo – Armindo, ardisci e prova

14 Aria – Voglio dire al mio tesoro – Armindo

15 Recitativo – Ah, ch’un volto fatal mi dà gran pena! – Arsace, Rosmira

16 Aria – Un’altra volta ancor – Rosmira

17 Recitativo – Rosmira, oh dio, Rosmira – Arsace

18 Aria – Sento amor con novi dardi – Arsace

19 Recitativo – Stan pronti i miei guerrier – Partenope, Ormonte

20 Aria – T’appresta forse Amore – Ormonte

21 Recitativo – Signora – Armindo, Partenope

22 Aria – Bramo restar, ma no – Armindo

23 Recitativo – E di che reo son io? Duettino – Per te moro – Arsace, Partenope

24 Recitativo – E se giunge Eurimene? – Partenope, Arsace, Rosmira

25 Aria – Sei mia gioia, Sei mio bene – Partenope

26 Recitativo – I novelli amor tuoi – Rosmira, Arsace

27 Aria – Dimmi, pietoso ciel

28 Recitativo – Ecco Emilio – Ormonte, Emilio, Partenope, Armindo, Rosmira, Arsace

29 Aria – Anch’io pugnar saprò – Emilio

30 Recitativo – Arsace, tu sarai – Partenope, Armindo, Rosmira, Arsace, Ormonte

31 Aria – Io ti levo l’impero dell’armi – Partenope



01 Recitativo – Lascia, deh, lascia, oh prence – Arsace, Rosmira, Armindo

02 Aria – È figlio il mio timore – Arsace

03 Recitativo – Prence, di te mi lagno – Armindo, Rosmira

04 Aria – Io seguo sol fiero – Rosmira

05 ATTO II – Sinfonia

06 Recitativo – Forti mie schiere – Emilio

07 Marche

08 Recitativo – Ma le nemiche squadre – Emilio, Partenope

09 Coro – Con valorosa mano – Emilio, Partenope, Tutti

10 Sinfonia

11 Recitativo – Soccorso – Partenope, Armindo

12 Sinfonia

13 Recitativo – Renditi, oppure estinto – Emilio, Arsace, Rosmira, Partenope, Ormonte

14 Coro – Vi circondi la gloria d’allori!

15 Recitativo accompagnato – Contro un pudico amor – Emilio

16 Aria – Barbaro fato, sì – Emilio

17 Aria – Care mura – Partenope

18 Recitativo – Emilio! – Partenope, Emilio, Rosmira, Arsace, Ormonte, Armindo

19 Aria – Voglio amare infin ch’io moro – Partenope

20 Recitativo – Ti bramo amico – Arsace, Emilio, Armindo, Rosmira

21 Duetto – E vuoi con dure tempre – Arsace, Rosmira

22 Recitativo – Non può darsi in un petto – Emilio, Armindo, Rosmira

23 Aria – Furie son dell’alma mia – Rosmira

24 Recitativo – A pro di chi t’offese – Partenope, Arsace

25 Aria – Poterti dir vorrei – Arsace

26 Recitativo – Regina – Armindo, Partenope

27 Aria – Non chiedo, oh luci vaghe – Armindo

28 Recitativo – Più d’ogn’altro sarebbe  – Partenope

29 Aria – Qual farfalletta – Partenope

30 Recitativo – Quanto godo, Eurimene – Armindo, Rosmira

31 Recitativo – Rosmira mia, mio bene! – Arsace, Rosmira

32 Aria – Furibondo spira il vento – Arsace



01 ATTO III – Sinfonia

02 Recitativo – Regina, ti compiace – Armindo, Partenope, Arsace, Emilio

03 Quartetto – Non è incauto il mio consiglio – Armindo, Emilio, Arsace, Partenope

04 Recitativo – Partenope, Eurimene – Rosmira, Partenope, Arsace, Armindo, Emilio

05 Arietta – Arsace, oh dio, così – Rosmira

06 Recitativo – Chi m’apre i lumi? – Partenope, Emilio, Armindo

07 Aria – Spera e godi, oh mio tesoro – Partenope

08 Recitativo – Prencipe, ardir! – Emilio, Armindo, Rosmira, Arsace

09 Aria – La speme ti consoli – Emilio

10 Recitativo – Rosmira, ove ti guida – Arsace, Rosmira

11 Aria – Ch’io parta? – Arsace

12 Recitativo – Oh dio, par che dal petto – Rosmira

13 Aria – Quel volto mi piace – Rosmira

14 Recitativo – Ormonte, ti destino – Partenope, Ormonte, Armindo

15 Aria – Nobil core che ben ama – Armindo

16 Recitativo – Non chiedo, oh miei tormenti – Arsace

17 Aria – Ma quai note di mesti lamenti – Arsace

18 Recitativo accompagnato – Cieli, che miro! – Rosmira

19 Recitativo – Ma Partenope vien – Rosmira

20 Terzetto – Un cor infedele – Partenope, Arsace, Rosmira

21 Recitativo – Passo di duolo in duolo – Arsace

22 Aria – Fatto è Amor un dio d’inferno – Arsace

23 Recitativo – Di bel desire avvampo – Emilio, Armindo

24 Aria – La gloria in nobil alma – Emilio

25 Sinfonia

26 Recitativo – Regina, in queste arene – Ormonte, Partenope, Emilio, Rosmira, Armindo, Arsace

27 Aria – Sì, scherza, sì – Partenope

28 Recitativo – Armindo sia mio sposo – Partenope, Armindo, Arsace, Rosmira

29 Coro – D’Imeneo le belle tede – Coro

30 Recitatitivo – Regina, in queste arene – Ormonte, Partenope, Emilio, Rosmira, Armindo, Arsace

31 Aria – Seguaci di Cupido – Arsace

32 Recitativo – Tu vanne in libertate – Partenope

33 Coro – D’Imeneo le belle tede – Coro


2015-10-06_02 featured press

Händel’s “Theodora” live on tour, and for the stay-at-homes

We’ve been spoiled of late – Les Arts Florissants, the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, even the Master himself have been keeping us updated during the rehearsals at the TCE!  Now things are getting serious: Theodora premieres tomorrow. (Toi toi toi to all the participants!) The lucky Parisians will have multiple chances to grab a ticket before the production will be taken to Amsterdam and New York. (The productions abroad will be concertante most likely, meaning, without Stephen Langridge’s set.) Head over to our Concert Dates section for the venue and ticket links. [x] theodora schedule

For the ones who cannot make it to a live performance: Don’t despair! There will be a livestream on ARTE Concert, on October 16th, 19:30 Paris time! [x] (I am confident that it will be on replay afterwards.)

theodora event featured

If we counted correctly, it’s seven times that Mr. PJ has to die a heroic death on stage. I have to confess I can’t handle this very well, not even once. In case you feel the same and need a supportive community to help you through the experience, join us on Facebook for the livestream: [x]

fb event preview theodora

Finally, this is to the people over at ARTE:

bless you


Katherine Watson – Theodora
Stéphanie d’Oustrac – Irene
Philippe Jaroussky – Dydimus
Callum Thorpe – Valens
Kresimir Spicer – Septimius

Conductor: William Christie
Choir and Orchestra: Les Arts Florissants
Choregraphy: Philippe Giraudeau
Stage Director: Stephen Langridge

More info over at the TCE: [x]