We’re shocked, in fact, absolutely horrified by the news reaching us from France. This evening of horrors is far from over yet. As of now, there are still people being held hostage. French and German media as well as sources on Twitter report that the terrorists of unknown motivation have started to systematically execute people at the Bataclan, and officials consider raiding the place to relieve the situation.

Words cannot express our sympathies. Our thoughts are with the relatives and friends who lost people in the attacks or who still fear for them, and with the people still living in horror right now, threatened by madmen at gunpoint, fearing to be shot.

Be safe. Our love and deepest sympathies go to the people of Paris.

Who reads this in time and wants to follow the news, here are a few links:


  • Live update of La Libération (France): [x]
  • Live update of Die Zeit (Germany): [x]
  • Live updates of The Guardian (England): [x]
  • Live updates from Al Jazeera (Qatar): [x]

Reuters (International news agency)

  • English (U.S.): [x]
  • French: [x]


Philippe Jaroussky as well as Vicenzo Capezzuto are self-reportedly fine – both happen to be in Paris right now. Read Philippe Jaroussky’s message on Facebook: [x]

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